My favorite kind of music is Grunge and '90s Alternative. I love Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. I love overall alternative rock: I like bands such as The Strokes, Cage the Elephant, The Black Keys, etc.

However, I'm not limited to this, as I like a lot of different kinds of music. I really like classic rock (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, etc.), Doobie Brothers are great, and some metal (Metallica, Megadeth, maybe even Ratt) and some '80s hard rock (Guns 'n Roses and Def Leppard). I love Funk music such as Parliament and Average White Band. Punk rock bands such as The Sex Pistols and the Ramones are great too.

I also like older hip hop a lot, such as A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious BIG, The Roots, Special Ed, etc. I also like some contemporary R&B such as Mariah Carey and TLC.

I love jazz music as well.

How far does your musical taste span? Say your favorite kind of music and then all other kinds of music you like.
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Nice thread! My favorite genre is prog metal/rock; Dream Theater, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Pain of Salvation, BTBAM, The Dear Hunter, those kind of bands.

As prog borrows from many other genres, I ended up expanding into many other genres/bands; Metal, jazz, blues, country, hip hop (yup.)... What I can't stand though is punk for some reason haha I (MY OPINION, please let's not turn this into a hate thread) find it boring, although many of my friends like it so I've improved in standing it.

And adding guilty pleasure genres might be fun too! Mine would be latin pop (I'm mexican), if you're interested in it you should look up for "Emmanuel" its mostly mom's music but I find it really fun to listen to
I'm mostly a metal guy, but I'm also into jazz fusion, blues, funk, and some hip hop.
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I consider my tastes pretty varied, here are some artists I like.

Contemporary acoustic guitar - Andy Mckee, Calum Graham, Jon Gomm, Antoine Dufour
Metal - Metallica, Meshuggah, Pantera, Maximum The Hormone, SOAD, Buckethead
Prog - Dream Theater, Mastodon, Chaos Divine, Animals As Leaders
Jazz/Blues - Guthrie Govan
Baroque - Bach
80's Rock/Pop - Tears for Fears, Kenny Loggins, Toto
Jpop/rock/ - The Sketchbook, Granrodeo
Persian classical music

And some others I can't think of.
Fiona Apple to Emperor
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My favorite type of music is Classic rock..then
Pop (underground)
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Throughout the years, my favorite genre changed pretty much all the time. I went from pop to hip-hop, to alternative rock, to post-hardcore/metalcore, to classic rock, to acoustic, back to alternative rock, to blues, and now I'm in a transitional period of getting really into different types of jazz.

I still like all of those genres to some degree, though right now, the blues dominates my collection. I'll even listen to electronic music, though I hate most of the genre. Additionally, I listen to R&B, post-rock, or even more ambient music ("indie," if you want to call it that).
I find pretty much all forms of rock and blues appealing, but I tend to lean toward certain genres all the time. I also am a fan (not nearly as much as I used to be) of electronic music, which I used to produce before I picked up the guitar. I don't listen to pop but if its catchy and not annoyingly stupid, I'll be happy.

Right now I'm particularly listening to a lot of 80s rock (GNR, Def Leppard, Van Halen, AD/DC)

I know acca dacca isn't really part of this genre but hey, they were around then right?
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From Taylor Swift to In Flames and Slayer with some barenaked ladies mixed in. Pretty broad I guess.....and my musical taste is pretty diverse too lol.
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Debussy to AC/DC?
Kate Bush to Slayer?
Simon and Garfunkel to Motorhead, via The Kinks?

In many respects my tastes are far more limited than many other people I know.
My music taste starts with Nicki Minaj and it ends with Dragonforce
I love Metal, Pop, Electronic and Dubstep and everything in between. In fact my favorite music is music that mashes all these genres together.
I'd hate to say I listen to everything but I do. My favorite genre is Symphonic Power Metal (a la Nightwish) but also in vein of Ben Moody type stuff (early Evanescence, We Are The Fallen). My favorite artist though is Rise Against and Punk music in general covers just about everything I love. Tom Morello and RATM is a favorite of mine as well. I do have to point out that Rap, R&B, and Country are all in a quality slump atm but that says nothing about the genre as a whole. Only thing I have problems with is metalcore, more specifically Dethcore but I'm warming up to it.

Rap (Hopin, 50 Cent, Vthov, early Kanye, early Eminim)
Rock(Aerosmith, Evanescence, WATF, Deep Purple, Mutiny Within, Naitomea, Malice Mizer)
Metal (Nightwish, Scorpions, A7X (City of Evil), Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dethklok, Volbeat, SOAD)
Punk/Hardcore (Crydebris, Rise Against, early A7X, Crown The Empire, RATM, The PIASS, Misfits)
R&B (Bad Rabbits, Alliyah, Ashanti, Destiny's Child, Vthov, Luther Vandross, Billie Holiday)
Pop (David Bowie(don't argue this), Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, 3Oh!3, Christina Perry)
Electro (Deadmau5, Kaskade, some Skrillix, The Chemical Bros, The Prodigy)
Country (Craig Morgan, The Civil Wars, The Band Perry)

I really wanna get into classical music too but I have no idea where to start
Theory is just...wow. I'm getting a bit over my head by trying to learn so much w/o formal educators

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When I used to play guitar in my teens I was pretty much only into metal/punk and basically skipped most music theory, chords, etc. I just started playing again last week after 10 years of not playing, but I'm into all sorts of music now. To give you an idea of my favorite stuff: http://www.last.fm/user/travbrad2/

And probably my favorite guitarist right now (Guy Blakeslee):

I do still like some metal too, especially for the fast 16th note melodies, but weird crazy psychedelic trance fills that need for me now
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I like every genre. Literally every genre. If it is music, I like it. My issue and opinion is that the representation of certain genres is not music, so I hardly listen to those genres.

I listen primarily to (x)core/djent and (y)rock.
My rule is to listen to everything presented to me at least once, give it a chance, and try to find some kind of value in it somehow.
I find that the kind of music I come back to and gravitate towards is music that has creatively unique qualities, challenges, and educates me.
Specific labels are irrelevant. Exploration is key.
All types are worthy of love for me. I love rap, punk, grind, old country, death metal, black metal, jazz, world music, noise, you name it. All music has the potential to be amazing imo. I can't find too many modern pop albums that I really like though.
When I was in my teens it was metal metal metal with a side of classic rock.
Now it's anything from acoustic singer songwriter to a little bluegrass to blues to folk to metal to classical.
I just can't get into top 40 pop, new rap, new country, and hard rock like ffdp or stuff you'd hear on Octane on Sirius radio.
Sarah Brightman > Children of Bodom > Cypress Hill > Grandaddy > Brandy > Iron Maiden > Kylie > DragonForce > The Beautiful South

Who knows where my range came from?
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I really wanna get into classical music too but I have no idea where to start

Vivaldi. Why? You wanted to start somewhere Enjoy!
Vivaldi, Bach, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mozart... John Murphy, Jose Gonzalez, Moloko, Massive Attack, Lamb, Vok, Kosheen, Portishead, Moby, RHCP, Bloc Party, Mary Boys Band (BG), P.I.F. (BG), Gogol Bordello... Bloodhound Gang, KoЯn, SOAD, Rammstein, Slipknot... Katatonia, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Tiamat, Moonspell, Enshine, Amorphis, Gorefest, Carcass, At the Gates, Hypocrisy, The Project Hate MCMXCIX
... to name a few...and many more
I listen to anything but Pop, Rap or Opera.

Frank Zappa, Chet Atkins, Motzart, Rush, Ricky Scaggs, Buddy Guy, George Benson, Bach, Santana, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Ray Charles, Grand Funk, The Dixie Dregs, Flatt and Scruggs,  Marcus Miller, Brian Stetzer, Trace Bundy, Mott the Hoople, Dick Dale.
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im 48 so my range is everywhere. the only music i cant stand is jazz. love hair bands. metallica is my absolute favorite band for over 20 years. 
My range of taste in music is really broad. Rock, metal, funk, EDM (and many of it's subgenres), percussive acoustic guitar, rap & hip hop, and probably some others I'm forgetting just now...
Yup pretty varied like everyone else here it seems - a bias towards music with a guitar in it, but that doesn't stop me enjoying some classical, or hip hop or electronica or prog-trance or vocal jazz standards/crooners like Sinatra or Crosby... or just straight up pop music!

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I can go from listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Fifth Harmony or Sia to Garth Brooks. I appreciate all types of music - Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, Electro, Dance, EDM, Blues....
What a terrible thread filled with horrible little snowflakes that think that their music taste is diverse.
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Do you know "what does your music taste say about your personality? ". Researchers from the University of Cambridge recruited over 4,000 participants and asked them detailed questions about their thinking styles. They then had their musical tastes analysed - they were played 50 different tracks from a wide range of genres and asked to say which they liked more than others. People with high levels of empathy tended to prefer mellow, sensual, reflective music with emotional depth. More logical participants preferred  intense, manic music, which includes the punk rock track “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols, other heavy rock tracks and classical and jazz music.Researchers suggested emotional people preferred music which brought on an emotional rush of feelings, whether positive or negative. They went on to suggest those who wanted to get more in touch with their emotional side should listen to music with emotional depth. In contrast, systematic, logical people like to pick apart the complex instrumentation of other types of music. “It’s almost like a musical puzzle that they’re putting together,” PhD student David Greenberg told CNN. It’s possible to be a mix of both thinking styles, of course, which would make you “balanced.” It is so interesting. 
Mine is as follows:

Rap/hip hop: Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Blackstar, Nas. None of this current garbage that is all about fancy cars, degrading women, picking fights, or the "I'm so tough" garbage

Rock: grunge, '90s alternative (this is the music of my adolescence), classic stuff from the '60s through the '70s, only '80s stuff I like is late Pink Floyd (their early stuff too, of course) & Dire Straights. John Mayer (the best guitar player of this generation

Metal: Scandinavian stuff like Amon Amarth, early Avenged Sevenfold, High on Fire, Amaranthus, Iron Maiden

Jazz: John Coltrane (I'm a sax player so it's a given), Miles Davis & just about anything from that period

Soul: Otis Redding, Al Green, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Smokey Robinson

Classical: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart. Many newer classical composers as well

Some old school blue grass but NO MODERN COUNTRY. Modern country is the same to me as over produced pop music.
Broad, very broad indeed but my main music i would define as soulful guitar based rock/blues. My faves r gary moore, rory gallagher, roy buchanan.
I don't like jazz, allot of electric music, rap.
John Tesh to Cannibal Corpse
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