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Let's say a les paul is tuned for standard tuning, and i tune that guitar to Eb with 11 gauge strings intead of 10. Would the guitar be still sound great and have the feel of playing standard tuning without changing the intonation and action?

Compared to a guitar with a floating trem, would a hard tail guitar need less or even no set up when tuning 1/2 down if you go a string gauge up?
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It depends on the individual guitars and the setup they already have. Usually with a floating trem you'd need to make some adjustment when changing the tuning, but a half step down isn't exactly enormous. Either guitar may need an intonation adjustment,

Adjusting the action and intonation, especially for just a half step down, is very easy. You could do it in less than an hour on either guitar even if you've never done it before.
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Such a small drop I wouldn't even bother with a hardtail...