My latest work. I think I got a decent mix this time, even though the bass is completely lame (pitch shifted guitar).

7 Months to Nothing (SoundCloud)

I just uploaded a new version with vocals, let me know what you think.
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How can I critique this? I'm still miles away from this level

Not sure if it's my earphones or your mix, but the bass is mad loud and the lead bit around 1:15 could be louder. Riffs are sick. Guitar is nice and plenty heavy. Pretty excited to hear this what this sounds like with vocals.
Thanks man!

Wonder if people are thinking like you, that would explain the lack of replies, hehe, just kidding.

I fixed a couple of things in the mix, bass loudness and some guitar masking being two of those, the link is already updated.
Oh man. I wish I could play like this. This is some amazing stuff, dude! I've always wanted to do vocals to an actual good guitar track. Hah! I can't wait to hear what this sounds vocal-wise, super interested. I'll be keeping an eye on this. I can't really find anything I don't like about this track, m'friend. Keep it up, dude!
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love the guitar riffs seriously groovy and heavy

I think the snare drum could be a bit clearer and snappier (just my taste)

it is a bit bass heavy but still manages to kick ass

songwriting wise its pretty good just I feel it needs something more re a memorable chorus hook to make it outstanding, the riff at 2m 18 is sick!!!

good stuff
Very nice! I particularly enjoyed that little clean passage before the "chorus". I kind of wish it would continue a bit longer but that's just my taste.
I also liked the phasing guitar effect near 1 minute mark.
The clean vocals could be a bit louder/clearer. All in all great job guys

Give us a listen if you have time

I like it a lot dude. That guitar tone reminds a lot of some bands I can't place. Six Feet Under maybe? Yes I think that's it SFU or Obituary along with a couple others. The riffs are more complicated than those bands though.

Drums are well done, especially that snare rolling part @ about 2 min. Cymbals are a bit hissy, but that's what some people want. The clean vocal parts are good and remind me of Amorphis. I actually think you're better at those than the dirty vocs and should use them more often.

Overall very constructed and listenable death metal, which can be rare.
Really nice work! The riffs are nice and clean. I liked the little snare breakdown section around 2:30. I recognise the sound of the pitch scaled guitar - you actually get a better sound out of it than I ever managed to when I was doing that.

The clean vocals are really good. What sort of processing did you use on them?

I would agree that the cymbals are a little hissy and whosshy at times - they could maybe do with loosing a little of the very high end. Other than that the mix is pretty damn good - I have certainly paid money for CD's that sound a whole lot worse.

I just did basic stuff on the vocals.
-HPF at 140hz, there was only garbage below it
-2.2db boost at 300hz, narrow Q, for it to cut better through the mix.
-2.2db boost at 940hz, pretty wide Q, where most of the energy was.
-Small attenuation (about 0.5db) at 2440hz, narrow Q, helped to bring some clarity to the vocals.
-2.1db boost at 5400hz, had some extra energy there.
-LPF at 15khz, nothing useful above it.

Heavy compression, you could call it a limiter, I wanted it to be very even and in your face, gain reduction caps at around -10db. Very fast attack, 200ms release.

Reverb (Ambience by Magnus SmartElectronix):
-6s decay, 50% diffusion
-100% size, 10ms predelay, 100% width
-No EQ, 43% damping on both bass and treble
- -12.2db wet and -1.2db dry

Delay (ReaDelay by Crockos):
-Lenght at 1.7
- -11.0db wet, 0db dry

Hope it gave you a slight idea of what I did
Nice dude. Really diggin' the guitar work in this track. Every riff grooves hard without adhering to the textbook 'djent' sound... quite refreshing. Not usually a fan of breakdowns but yours at 2:18 is definitely an exception. It's not hastily thrown in like breakdowns usually are and it fits well within the context of the song.

Production is good too. My only gripe is the clean vocals. I like the high reverb and harmonies but the lower notes sound a bit out of key... not that I could do any better. Really dig it overall.

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The vocals are out of key in many parts actually, I've already fixed it (don't worry guys, no autotune ), might upload it latter. And you don't need to be able to do it better to criticize it, otherwise most critics and judges would be starving and homeless

You know, you referring to that part as a breakdown kind of bothers me a little bit because my intention with that part was not to give the song a slower tempo tempo feel, it was actually to give it a higher tempo feel.

@aaron aardvak:
Eh... you know these vocals came from inside of me, right?
Kick ass composition! Great guitar lead and growly vocals. Overall, it sounds a little too scooped for my taste. Let them highs fly!
The vocals fit well for the music style. The guitar sounds a bit hollow, I'd put a little bit more presence in there. Personally I like loud drums but for this style I think their level is good.

I also checked out "Your Greatest Creation", I like the vocal style even more on that one. Very tasty bleak athmosphere in there. \,,/
Great song, the guitar riff at 0:11 had some groove to it and the drums complemented it. The drums and guitars worked well throughout especially from 2:11 with the build up to the breakdown was awesome, really good arrangement.

Your vocal layering with the different growls was really good dude, you could even turn the vocals up the mix cause at some points the guitars and vocals were competing at similar levels in the verses.

Great track overall, look forward to hearing some more!

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