Heys guys I am looking to purchase my very first tube amp with a budget of around 500 dollars. I play an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with a JB/Jazz pickup configuration. I am looking for the amp that can get me the absolute closest I can get for the price to the Aenima-era Tool sound. (Aenema, Forty Six and 2, Eulogy, etc etc) I do play other music occasionally but as I am starting a Tool cover band with friends I would really like to nail this. I am looking at a used Peavey Triple XXX 40W combo at a local music shop but wanted some second opinions on the matter first. I am open to any suggestions even if you guys think I would be better off maybe getting a clean/low gain amp and pushing it to Adam Jones territory with a pedal of some sort. I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks so much ! Take Care
Honestly save some more money, $500 won't get you there. I'd look at a 1x12 Mesa rectoverb combo
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For that money, an old JSX is probably as close as you'll get. A XXX wouldn't be a bad choice really, they're essentially the same amp.
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Would a Marshall DSL series be worth checking out? I have also heard good things about Jet City amps but have never played one...