I use an old Johnson: DeQ2 Distortion Pedal (which is basically the saem a Boss Metal Zone, but with bass, mid, and treble equalizer knobs, with a middle Frequency knob, as well as level and Drive), a Ibanez Tube Screamer to max out my distortions crunch sound (usually on turbo setting, with the drive @ noon/3 o'clock, with the Level maxed and the tone at noon/3 O'clock), an Ernie ball Wah Pedal, and a Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus.

With all that being said, i am looking for something to either turn both pedals off at once, or temporarily mute them without screwing with my other pedals when i want to play clean, as i MAINLY use pedals with my clean channel.

I ask this because i like switching to clean to either do covers, or just mess around with clean at times, and it would be impossible for me to go to clean without setting it to Deafening volume.

So in closing, is there a pedal out there that allows me to turn off certain pedals, or do i have to grow 2 more feet to stay balanced while turning off both at once?
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I don't know if there are cheaper versions of this kind of thing, but here is the Carl Martin Octa Switch:


I have one. I can hook up pedals to the 8 slots in back, and use the dip switches to select which pedals are in use for 8 different foot switches. One could be set to use none of the pedals in back, giving you the option of going completely clean regardless of what pedals you use.
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Joyo makes that kinda stuff on the relatively cheap.

Also if you want to turn on and off a couple things and nothing fancy, you can wire up a simple box with a 4 jacks and a switch.
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The voodoo lab ground control does that for about the same price with some extra options as well you might want to look into
If we are talking just two signal routing options, Boss Line Selector. It is a fantastic pedal. It can do A/B switching, blend of the two, or two loops, both with active volume control. It can also power your other pedals. I bought it original top bypass a laggy pedal switch on my Sansamp TRI-OD which has signal drop when you switch it and its uses grew from there. Last time I played in orchestra I had one clean and one overdrive/distorted path going to my Orange TT combo, worked like a charm and powered the rest of pedals as well.
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There's this:
They make different sizes as well, with up to 8 loops.

You can also buy DIY kits for them on ebay fairly cheaply.
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