I have a java eg11 and a roland cub 15xl. Not the best of gear I realize but I would like to know. I'm trying to atleast somewhat get the tone of Paul Kossoff. Is it possible?
Right now I'm using extra light gauge electric strings. Will changing the strings help out a bit?
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Our heartfelt condolences to you and your whole family. Sorry for making a comment in a wrong place. I'm very new to this forum. I can't find the option to post a new thread!
Gonna be a tough job trying to squeeze Kossoff out of that rig dude cos you want to replicate a bridge humbucker through a lightly and naturally overdriven high wattage tube amp. Have a play around with the eq on the amp's overdrive channel and probs dial back a couple of notches on the tone knob - bridge pup. Dunno man .. big ask. I don't think string gauge is your main issue tho. 10s or 11s I guess. Any fatter and you won't be bending like he did etc. gl hf
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