Hello, I've got a strat, with the vintage style six post trem. I was wondering if I could fit the Gotoh Wilkinson VS100 in this guitar, without any additional routing. I know I will need to drill for the posts though.

gotoh should have routing templates on its website, that'd be the safest way to check.
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It may require a little modification. You need to measure the back of the tremolo on the strat from the edge of the block to the opposite edge of the tremolo arm holder. If the cavity isn't wide enough you might have to round it out a little wider, which isn't too hard. You can actually do it with a sanding drum on a Dremel. We are talking a couple of mm. Nothing huge. Take a look at this Ibanez project.


The cavity was big enough for the block but the arm holder on the tremolo is larger than the previous one so we had to make a little room for it.
From looking on www.warmoth.com , who offer this tremolo, I am quite sure there is no other routing needed, except maybe on the back but I doubt it. However I am not experienced in this type of thing so maybe. Just follow these other guys advice.