Hi everyone!

I am planning on getting a Boss ME-80. I will need an amp for playing gigs, although it might not have to be hi-gain, as the ME-80 has 11 onboard distortions the same quality as Boss pedals. However, someone may tell me otherwise about the Hi-Gain amps.

Please state the reasons behind your opinions, as then it will be easier for me to make an informed decision.

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I don't see it as a good thing that the distortions are on the same level as boss distortions. Even though some pedals like HM-2 are good, most boss pedals have a terrible dirt tone in my opinion. That doesn't mean that you don't like them, but if you play metal they're not going to take you far.

The important question is that what genre do you play? If you play rock or metal, there is nothing that beats tube distortion, especially not boss tones.
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Even though some pedals like HM-2 are good, most boss pedals have a terrible dirt tone in my opinion.

Apart from the HM-2, what other Boss pedals do you like? And what ones do you specifically dislike?

I'm not sure of their OD pedals, could be good, could not. The DS-1 is a terrible pedal, and I have personal experience. Metal zone and Metalcore are also pretty bad. The Blues Drive is nice, or so I've heard, I've also never used their fuzz pedals so I'm not sure.
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It depends on how you want to run things. Do you want to rely on the amp modeling for your sounds or do you want to use it like I use my GT-100 - in front of a good tube amp?
If the former, then a good powered PA speaker (JBL, Yamaha, Altec, etc), if the latter, we need to know more - genre, budget, location, gigging?
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