Ok, so i bought a guitar from my friend, (traded him my ipad mini for the guitar and amp) and i have a couple guitars, i'm a decent player, but i don't know a whole lot about the models, can someone please tell me the exact model of this? and the worth? i'm curious to know if i made a good trade or not., value wise. and i just want to know. Thanks

P.S i know it's a Shecter C-7 but i've tried to find it online and i can't find this model.. i'm so lost. Also, what would this color be considered? i put the photos on my google so you guys can see them, thanks in advance!

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Well people on this website seem to have paid around £605/$1008 for the guitar on it's own and the reviews float around the 8.5 - 9.5/10 mark. It's a seven string with a carved mahogany body, with a quilt maple top, 26.5" scale on a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, your version seems to have the passive stock pups in it (SD Blackouts), and being a diamond series it is made in Korea. I'd call the colour trans purple personally, and the model is just a Schecter Diamond Series C-7.
The amp looked like a Marshall MG 30 special edition (silver panelling rather than gold) and is around £150 new. It's solid state with built in effects.
Although many people dislike the Marshall MG series it would seem that the two together weighted the deal heavily in your advantage, congrats and HNGD.
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your version seems to have the passive stock pups in it (SD Blackouts)

SD Blackouts are active pickups as far as I know, unless you do some serious modding, which I believe the stock pickups wont have.