Say Hello to Brown Betty! This lady sure can sang! Normally I would be against things like weight relief. However much so, I was pleasantly surprised this axe could cut through a mix like no one's business. The moment you bend the 15th fret on the B string all your troubles just sort of melt away. haha

That's not to say that this Les Paul is a one trick pony. Those awesome Burstbucker Pros have this godly and at times almost angelic tone. You can funk it up or crank it out chuggin away at metal riffs. Some mods I have in mind include the push/pull coil splits and boost you can find on the Traditional series.

Gibson really had a plan and executed it well, the finished product resulting in a bare bones Les Paul with little frills to get in the way of rocking.

This is not meant to be a $1,000 guitar. For instance, a set up was required upon purchase. I had the awesome bros at Sam Ash set the Action and take care of the string buzz. My only other gripe is that the Plek Cut nut was chipped slightly on the edge closest to the low E string. I'm reasoning that someone may have just been careless handling it either at the factory or out back in the store's warehouse.

I'm so happy to finally call myself a Gibson player now! The chambered mahogany just fits so well with the maple cap. Believe it or not there is a bit of change with the fingerboards on this axe, that is they decided to put a "baked maple" in place of rosewood. This explains the smooth feel and snappy, bitey tone you get from playing. I seriously get such a Custom tone without the Custom price!
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Looks fantastic, congrats!
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It looks like it has a subtle but very attractive grain to the wood. Good choice!
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I have one of those too - best purchase I ever made! Id been shopping with £2k budget, looking for the right LP standard/custom, none of them grabbed my attention like my worn brown satin studio.
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You know Brown Betty is a dessert, something like an apple crisp or cobbler, right?
I never have cared for LP's with stain finishes but I'm sure it plays like a dream, congrats!
Oh wow, smooth looking guitar dude. V nice.
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