Hello guys,

So I just recently started reading up on music theory, but I am very baffled with one particular song.

Tears don't fall by BFMV.

Bb flat major or G minor?

While it's really bugging me, I am almost convinced it's in Bb flat major (at least for the main theme), yet I keep getting second thoughts.

It's really bugging me, thanks!
If you are not sure. Songs often end with their tunic, so looking at the chord the song is ending with is a very easy way to find out what key a song is in.
There are exceptions of course, but often you can see that this is the case. For songs that change their key this doesn't help anyways.

The song ends with G so G-minor is more probable.
The chorus part is a bit unclear though, since the tunic is not that dominant. It revolves more around Eb-Major and F-Major (VI and VII). Both chords are related to the dominant and sub-dominant of G-minor though.
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G minor is the reciprocal minor for Bb major and vice versa. Knowing BFMV it probably is in the minor key, it definitely has that sound anyway.
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Ehh, what is that?

it's a tunic.

What I meant to write was tonic.