Hey there everyone. It's been a while since I posted and I don't know why. Now it's back to the interwebz .

I received this guy about a week ago and I'm very pleased. Wasn't expecting to pick it up, but sometimes the guitar finds you eh? Wanted one of these when they were new four years ago, but didn't have the cash to swing it. Saw it at the used section of a shop and they accepted my somewhat lowball offer .

Plays and sounds great. I really like the tone and feel of Pernambuco. Really unique note bloom and swell. The PRS marketing can be a little annoying with how they "hype" up certain products. But having played some guitars with this wood, I really gel with them. When the gain is piled on, just about anything can sustain forever. However, when played clean the sustain is almost endless as well.

Fit and finish are good. This is my third PS and they're all great so far. Really liking the nitro, feels smooth and nice. White Tiger has always been one of my favorite finishes so this was pretty high up on the list.

White Tiger? I'd have called it a "Ghost" Tiger- very nice!
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very nice.

oh dear they had to kill a mammoth to get inlay ivory.

i really wish PRS would stop killing mammoths. there can't be many left.
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wow awesome

LOL you said "bloom"
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