Just got out of the studio and we wanted to get some feedback on the EP before we officially released it. These are all the first round of the mixes too, so any critique on the audio production would be sweet.
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ps so we think the vocals are the weakest part of the music. We would like your input, how you like the singers style, tone of voice, performance, as well as the effect we put on the vocals. If you don't critique anything else, at least let us know how u feel about the vox
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Im thoroughly enjoying it. It's sort of like if Kings of Leon switched singers with the Arkells and then mixed the whole thing with the Strokes.

In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with or any glaring weaknesses in the mix and production. I would rather all the instruments be a little bit more present if you know what i mean. I think you guys could sound a lot bigger and more in your face if you turn everything up a tiny bit more, and then turn the whole mix down a tiny bit. I'd suggest dialing in a smidgen of compression, micing the drums a little bit better (what are you using for mics, btw?) and bringing the levels of each instrument up a little--especially the bass. The mix can definitely sound fuller.

Minor, minor things that my ear's been trained to listen for over many years. Just a couple suggestions, but if you guys have nailed a sound you were going for, then ignore me lol.

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Glad you dig it man. The guitarist/singer wrote the songs and is obsessed with the strokes lol, especially their first album, and the whole band loves kings of leon so we take that as a huge compliment!

We were pretty happy with the mix so far but those are good suggestions and were gonna try em out for sure. We think it sounds full already, so more full certainly sounds appealing

As far as the mics go, idk what ones the engineer used for the drums, but it was sm57's on the guitar amps and the vocals were a dual recording using a neumann tl something and a distorted sm57 ran thru a pedal and a practice amp.

Thanks for listening and the feedback
Very impressive stuff. Ohio is a really good song, could picture myself rocking out to it in a bar with a few beers.

I'm getting a Strokes vibe but that's already been mentioned.

Wasn't a big fan of the triplet side snare hits in Rain Gorilla for example at 2:45, it just sounds a bit off.

Definitely onto something though, keep up the good work!
First song: Singing is good, though a bit too much distortion on the vocals in my opinion. At around 2:40 vocals are a bit pitchy though (needs pitch correction?). Intro guitars have a bit too much distortion also. Drums are nice, so is song. Guitar playing is nice. Please review my music at this link: