So I recently bought a Vox V845 Wah pedal from a friend, and it was working fine (aside from the slightly scratchy sound, which I was fine with) and then I knocked it quite heard and now every time I link in into my amp, when I switch it on, the sound drops by 80% and the treble is boosted by about 50%. The bass and mid is also lost.

Does anybody have any idea what might have happened?

Would it be easy to fix for a newbie to effects or would I have to give it to a professional?

Any help would be appreciated loads!

Thanks, C
My guess would be that the actuator pot has shit itself. It gave you a warning when it started to sound scratchy and now it's delivered on its threat.
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Quote by Smigzy
Plugged in backwards

It's plugged in the right way. It always had a scratchy sound to it, but it wasn't noticeable and now it's died?
Try re-setting the pots position and like the others suggested - replace the pot first if it started to scratch.