Hey UG

I'm working with a metal band and creating some artwork to put on T-shirts. Unfortunately, I've never done this before.

I've created 3 images, and I'm not really sure how to go about making them look decent on a T-shirt. After a bit of research I find people mainly buy custom-made T-shirts in bulk from suppliers. For right now, I just want 3 shirts. One to display each art piece on an online merch shop, and sell more shirts like them later (Like a, "Made To Order" kind of thing.)

I can bulk order later, but again, for now I'm just looking for some help getting the images to look nice on a shirt. (So if anyone knows of a cheap t-shirt website they could recommend that would be amazing.)

I'm not sure how to make a clear background. The white background looks a bit ugly on a black shirt. Some custom design websites allow you to make the image purely one color with a clear background, but those websites tend to sell the shirts at full price. ($25 per shirt as opposed to say.. $6 or $7 a shirt. It makes profits impossible.)

I'm looking for someone perhaps who knows what their doing/has done this before to help format and make the images look good on a T-shirt ;u;. I'm also looking for maybe just some tips from more experienced people. Thanks ¯\(°_o)/¯
yeah you're gonna have to make a lot more than 1 of each type. that first shirt is the most expensive, by a long shot.

google some local shops and talk to a professional who you can actually communicate with who's done this before and wants to impress you and have your repeat business
Talk to screenprinters, printers, or whatever. I know there's a kiosk at the local mall where I live that embroids hats and prints custom shirts. They have a bunch of custom shirts on display for sale and I'm sure you can take your own picture and they'll print it. I'm not sure what they charge.

In regard to the graphic and the transparent background...what kind of software are you using to create your graphic? Are you using photoshop or software that allows transparent backgrounds? If the software you are using doesn't allow you to have transparent backgrounds then you can't save it with a transparent background.

If the software does allow transparent backgrounds you have to save it ast he right file.

Jpegs (.jpg) file types do NOT allow transparency and the background will just be white.

GiF or PNG file types will allow transparent backgrounds. I'd suggest that for a graphics image a PNG would probably be the better option. Sometimes you need to click a "preserve transparency" option when you are saving.

Then it depends on what program is used to open or view the file as to whether that program supports transparency.
Open a Zazzle account (www.zazzle.com) and use their tools to print a few on-demand shirts. They have a lot of excellent documentation on how to make your art look good in print (hint: it's all about the dpi) and even an ignoramus like myself was able to print up a nice-looking shirt for a game I'd developed. And IIRC they do bulk orders once you've gotten your feet wet, but it will probably be cheaper to go to a different shop at that point.