Im looking for a new amp and im super indecisive and cant seem to makeup my mind. I was previously looking at fender twins and deville's. But now im looking for something that gets pretty loud but can also do distortion a little better. I'm straying away from clean tones and trying to play more music with fuzz and heavy distortion. Any thoughts/recommendations? The ideal amp for me would be able to get a great clean channel, but can also get loud and fill up a room with noise and dirty tones. I'm open to all options and have a budget at around $1,000. Thanks!
Get a used Peavey JSX
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Check out the Carvin Nomad and Belair.

Maybe the Egnater Tweaker?

Given he's looking for distortion and clean, I'd go with the Egnater of those 3. I like the Carvins, but those particular ones are more like Fenders, as I recall- all about great cleans, so-so on the gritty side.
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Mesa Lonestar

Peavey JSX isn't a bad suggestion.

Also check out the Peavey Valveking.
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Mesa. It does Fender clean and glorious OD in one package.

Name the one track with the specific guitar tone that you believe is tonal nirvana and others can make good viable recommendations. Using terms like "loud, heavy, or fuzz" are simply too vague to be useful.
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