Hey guys i'm after some advice.
I'm having a little play around with my pedalboard and i'm interested to see what people think is the best order for pedals.

I'm currently running: GUITAR ---------> TU-2 --------> NS-2 -----------> Verbzilla -------> DL4 ------> Blackstar Head

I also have a Maxon OD808 in the send/return of the NS-2.

Would you recommend a different order? i'm going to try the reverb after the delay after doing some research as it seems most people think its better?

Also i'm thinking of adding a compressor and eq pedal to the chain where would they go?

The other thing is i'm currently running everything through the front of the amp. I used to run the delay and reverb through the effects loop on my amp but the amount of cables annoyed me and made things look untidy haha.

Should i go back to using the effects loop? whats the real (if any) benefit?

If your blackstar head has an FX loop, the DL4 and Verbzilla should be in the loop. It just sounds better. A Compressor and EQ would go in front of the amp.
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Just throwin this out there. I don't like my DL4 in the fx loop. I run everything straight outfront of the amp. So try both.
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