Does anyone know of a Chet Atkins album that is almost all, if not all electric guitar? Sort of like Joe Pass, Ed Bickert. There's ton's of stuff by him that is played on acoustic electric and classical electric (nylon strings) but I was hoping to find an smooth electric album by Chet. I don't know his stuff well enough I guess.
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He played electric on a lot of his older recordings, you can get an album called 'young chet' but its a greatest hits kind of record from that era. His later album Sails (1980s) has quite a lot of electric guitar on it.


going to leave that here as well. Not enough Chet appreciation on this site
Thanks for these replies. And the vids! Three amazing guitarists in them. I'll check out the Chet recommendations.

Holding a Strat is like holding a woman.....