So seeing as it's my 21st in a couple of weeks, my mum decided she wanted to get me something really special, so we went out to a couple of guitars stores in the area and tried out a few. I had an idea in my mind what I was after but I was quite content just seeing what was there and what I liked the feel of.

So without further ado, here are some pics;

What could this be?

PRS eh?

Oooh, now what's this?

Yup, it' the PRS SE Torero 2012 in Scarlet Red!

Obligatory pup shot

Arty shots and the like

Dat action

Not entirely sure but I believe it's an original floyd?

Last one!

I've had this probably about 2 days now and I've been playing it non stop, I couldn't put it down! It's light enough that you can walk around without doing your back in but you know it's there and it's balanced perfectly, the headstock doesn't drop when you let go of it. The neck plays beautifully, it feels so smooth and polished and feels so fast. I'd never played an ebony fretboard before, I've always preferred Maple over anything else, but this is fantastic, it's just as a good as a Maple neck, feels just as smooth and fast.

The factory set up was good, pretty standard really (I've never played any other PRS's that were brand new so I can't really vouch for them). The action is nice and low, neck only has a very slight forward bow to stop any buzzing and the pickups and bridge are set perfectly.

I've never really been a fan of EMG's before, I was part of that group who always thought active pickups were sterile and lacked character. Also I believed that an 81/85 set were exclusively for metal. I was so wrong, they sound absolutely excellent, they don't lack any character as far as I can tell, they sound crisp and tight which is perfect for this guitar and the music I play (mostly metal and rock with some alternative thrown in). They also clean up really well and the neck sounds so dreamy on a nice clean setting with a bit of reverb.

The only gripe I could possibly have is the lack of inlays, which is unlike a lot of PRS'. However, it's a cosmetic thing and I can't say I really notice it.

All in all, I think this is an absolutely beautiful guitar play and it's made me fall in love with playing guitar all over again, I'd thoroughly recommend this to any person, whether they play rock, metal, funk, indie, it'll do pretty much any genre with the right set up!

TL;DR - buy a PRS.
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Congratulations! It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the finish. The black lower horn cut is a also a nice touch, happy new guitar day

I probably wont buy a PRS because of a recommendation from a honeymooner, but I have to say that the Torero caught my eye a while back. Now they're not sold anymore so I have no way to get one except for used, which is unlikely here in Finland.
Congratulations! Btw, that Floyd action looks is a bit too down, loosen the screws (at least that's how I learned and every guitar I've set up with a Floyd have worked normally that way).

Yes, I like PRS guitars and the new S2 Semi-Hollows are tempting. Maybe an S2 Semi-Hollow Custom 24 with Trem (not Floyd) would be the PRS for me. Otherwise, my custom will do.
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Happy NGD.

The Floyd is a FR-1000 (aka the Korean OFR), you can tell by the string lock bolts since they have ribs on the sides of the heads. The German OFR's have smooth sides on the heads.
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no inlay ebony FTW! Beautiful.
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With no fret inlays I would get lost !
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