Hello, a friend of mine has a Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster in a Satin Midnight Blue finish. This is the only link to one I could find:Click here. He would like me to give it a swimming pool route, and change it to an HSH setup, which I have no problem doing. The bridge pickup, the pickup he uses most often is to be moved to the middle position of the new HSH pickguard I put in. In exchange for me doing this work, he will be giving me the neck and middle single coils, and I will be putting them in my strat. I'm wondering what particular pickups the stock pickups are. If anybody can find out, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks!

I was also wondering if its possible to combine the single coil pups that will be put in my strat from my friends with a Lace Deathbucker, or does the Deathbucker require pots with more/less resistance compared to the pots for the single coils, like, for example, passive vs active pups?
There's no name for the standard MIM single coils. Even Fender just calls them "standard strat single coil" pickups. They're just a generic OEM Fender part, not special or marketable enough to have a name or model number apparently.

Lace suggests using 250K pots with the Deathbucker which is what you'd usually use with strat single coils, so you're good there.