Ok so a couple of months ago I traded in my Fender Champion 110 for a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT. Over the last 2 days I have noticed it suddenly has started losing volume and clarity when I play softly or use legato/tapping. It is a sudden drop not a gradual one then back upto volume again when I pick or tap rrally hard.

Do I need to replace the valve? Is the circuitry fried?
Thanks in advance.
Ps. I have tried a different cable and only have one electric guitar so I dont know if it's maybe a problem with the guitar?
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Clean amp and guitar from dust. It may cause problems. And if that doesn't work screw plugin for cable on guitar, it may got loose sometimes. Just post news when you try this so if that's not reason to maybe look further because it's ALWAYS something ridicolous when it comes to this type of malfunctions.
I reckon the tube's not the problem - it would either work or not work.
Or maybe work halfway, but not cause volume spikes afaIk.

I'd try resetting the amp to factory settings.
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Thankyou I will try these suggestions now, do I have to wait anytime after I unplug the amp before messing around with the insides and cleaning? Cathodes holding residual electricity and stuff?
When you clean just unplug amp and do that old school trick (turn switch from 0 to 1, wait a couple of seconds than put it again at 0). And when opening touch some metal surface with your hand before touching amp so you get rid off electricity in your body. SAFETY FIRST, eh?
It could be the tube, the 12ax7 in the VT series is a buffer for the power amp, so if it is going bad it could cause volume fluctuations.

Get a 12ax7 and put it in and see if you notice a difference, the cheap ones run $10
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