I noticed a few months ago that something was wrong with the volume of my guitar. Whenever I had the volume knob on 10, it sounded like it was only on 3 or 4. I eventually got some repairs done, including getting the volume pot replaced, but I still had the same problem. After realizing the problem wasn't fixed, I started wondering if my effects pedal (Digitech RP500) was the problem, and not my guitar. After doing a few "tests", I realized that I had the full range of volume when I was on my most used clean effect, but the volume on my most used distorted effect was still messed up. I never messed with any of the pedal settings before the problem occurred. From what I remember, it just started happening randomly. I did the factory reset on the pedal, and it did not fix the problem. I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something, or if the pedal is started to bug out. Any information would help.