He! I remember hearing one song from you, like some months ago. This EP is awesome. I think i'll buy that, hmm time for support!
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Really great growling, mix is ****ing perfect, composition is well done, riffs are all good. I really don't think I can find anything bad to say about it besides I would have mastered it to bring out more of the harshness and distortion. Super coherent and everything, I'm downloading this!
Superb production! The growls, the guitar tone, the screams and the drums all sound top notch. I'm a gear fanatic, so could you tell something about the guitar equipment used? Amazing stuff
@CF_Mono: Thanks man! You are right about the mastering, something I should find someone to help me with 'cos it's darn difficult. Tend to kill it with compression and limiter, so I tried to hold back a bit. BTW your doom trio's album is an absolute killer - will definitely pick it up!

@TK Thanks a bunch! I use a Schecter JL sig seven string, in drop A tuning. I generally just plug it straight into my old Peavey 5150 (mk I) with a 4x12 Marshall MF400 cabinet. Mic is a Shure SM58 slightly off centre at one of the bottom speakers. For effects on the solo parts (chorus, delay and reverb if I remember correctly) I use a Digitech DSP1100. All guitar parts are double tracked, panned 75% left and right respectively. Volume as high as I can stand, gain set to level 3 or 4, all other controls around level 5. Not to pleasant to listen to on its own but it records well and in the mix I usually only add high pass filters around 150Hz and lift the EQ ever so slightly around 1-2kHz. I think that's it...
Nothing really beats a 5150, right? Thanks for all the information on the tone and mastering, it's really helpful for someone like me who's just getting into recording The title track of the EP was ****ing killer, and the rest were great too, I want to hear a full album from you
Yeah, I f*****g love my 5150! There may be better stuff out there, but I don't care. I have found this wonderful beast that works perfectly for me.

I once had a love affair with an early eighties' 50w Marshall JMP rock'n roll combo. I eventually sold it. BIG mistake. Has tormented my heart ever since. But "I was young and needed the cash"...