So I decided I wanted to put together a small bass pedalboard and have a little idea on what I want and where, but wanted a bit of a second opinion.

Basically, if I've committed a massive sin in terms of signal chain, let me know, if you'd be so kind.

I have started a drum/bass project and as such, will just be drums/bass/vocals for the time being, playing 'trashy'/thick/heavy sounding indie/post rock/garage/stoner rock. I'm running my Fender P Special (not that it matters) into a gem of a 2x12 SS combo I found in a pawn shop, with this pedalboard in mind....

BASS (with clip on tuner - does a fine job)

-MXR 10 Band EQ pedal, to apply to my entire sound (basically, I won't be turning it off, because I need to shape a specific tone to stick by).

-JOYO Compressor (haven't bought yet, might not if I don't need it, but this is where I'd like to put it).

-Marshall Jackhammer (guitar pedal, that I use for a bit of slight grit).

-EHX Bass Big Muff (again, haven't bought yet, but this will be the cornerstone of my overall sound, because of the style of music I will be playing).

-Dr Tone Analogue Delay (another guitar pedal, used for ambient sections and generally making the sound a bit bigger).


So that's basically it - I think I need to EQ my signal as early as possible, and as far as I know, the order works logically (delay at the end, OD before fuzz etc).

Let me know if that would be cool, and work well?