So earlier this year i found a very worn out acoustic guitar body laying on the street side, so i took it home and decided to make it a personal project! i've patch up the holes, and now im down to smooth it with sandpaper and painting it.
And as i have never done this before i have quite a few questions
How thick should the sandpaper be?
can i smooth the frets and then use some sealer or something? (it has a grossy look)
What kind of paints should i use?
whats the use of the poly-kind of coating?
i wanna use some no-color paint/sealer/filler/whatever first, then paint it white, then color, then no-color-stuff again then draw some stuff
is it too much paint?
for drawing stuff, what kind of paints are good?
should i use some sealer too after this?

please consider that the guitar was in a pretty precarious state before, so thats why im considering to sand it down naked and starting over, or does the painting will do the job anyway?
how much will it all cost and what are the cheaper alternatives? if they're kinda expensive, it'll take longer but cheaper and faster the better

thx in advance!! i've never fixed ANY guitar before so im quite excited with this
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