So what you say, the egyptians liked to party? Except neither substance was indigenous to anywhere but the americas , suggesting the egyptians could have travelling across the atlantic.



Traces of coca and nicotine found in some Egyptian mummies have led some[who?] to speculate that Ancient Egyptians may have traveled to the New World. The initial discovery was made by a German toxicologist, Svetlana Balabanova, after examining the mummy of a female priestess called Henut Taui. Follow-up tests of the hair shaft, performed to rule out contamination, gave the same results.[24] The significance of these findings lies in the fact that both coca and tobacco plants are indigenous to the Americas and were thought not to have existed in Africa until sometime after the voyages of Columbus.[25][26] Subsequent examination of numerous Sudanese mummies undertaken by Balabanova mirrored what was found in the mummy of Henut Taui.[27] Balabanova suggested that the tobacco may be accounted for since it may have also been known in China and Europe, as indicated by analysis run on human remains from those respective regions. Balabanova proposed that such plants native to the general area may have developed independently, but have since gone extinct.[27] Other explanations include fraud, though curator Alfred Grimm of the Egyptian Museum in Munich disputes this.[27] Skeptical of Balabanova's findings, Rosalie David, Keeper of Egyptology at the Manchester Museum, had similar tests performed on samples taken from the Manchester mummy collection and reported that two of the tissue samples and one hair sample did test positive for nicotine.[27] Sources of nicotine other than tobacco and sources of cocaine in the Old World are discussed by the British biologist Duncan Edlin
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Maybe the pharaohs wanted to hot box their tombs after they died. That's why their stuff is buried with them. It all makes sense now, they wanted to blaze it for the rest of eternity.
German toxicologist, Svetlana Balabanova

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The real question is: Did the ancient Egyptians blaze it?

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The real question is: Did the ancient Egyptians blaze it?

there is a hieroglyphic that looks like a marijuana leaf
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I'd read somewhere that it was the people who first found those tombs who contaminated them with that stuff.
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Wiki says one of their Gods was an alcoholic too, where's those churches at?

Brewing dates from the beginning of civilization in ancient Egypt and alcoholic beverages were very important at that time. Symbolic of this is the fact that while many gods were local or familial, Osiris was worshiped throughout the entire country. The Egyptians believed that this important god invented beer, a beverage that was considered a necessity of life; it was brewed in the home "on an everyday basis.
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The real question is: Did the ancient Egyptians blaze it?

Of course they did, hemp was among the first crops ever produced by humanity. Cannabis Sativa was integral to the development of society up until the industrial revolution.
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