As I listen

Is the.first track just an intro? It seemed to stop prematurely but that coulda just been my phone. It sounds nice but I think more could be done with it. The opening chords for cloud breaker dont do a whole lot for me, though the guitar melodies are nice. The synths are also pretty basic. the guitar around the middle is cool, sounds like explosions in the sky. The lead guitar could be a little more present in the mix. The solo is nice , tho I would definitely work on the tone.

Overall I think this stuff is simple yet effective. Although I do think you could give your audience a little more credit and make things a little more complicated and weird. I can tell your talented, and everything sounds nice, but its all pretty vanilla and doesnt really stand out to me.

Sorry for the harsh critique but I think its more valuable than just a "sounds good, good job !". Heres my link if you wanna comment on a song or two

Feel free to be brutally honest in return
Many thanks for the honest feedback! Definitely noted and appreciated!

I'll post feedback on your post for more visibility
Teotihuacan: Very pretty pads and piano. You create a nice, full soundscape. It's a pretty cool track, but also pretty simple.

The Cloud Breaker: Feels like 7/8; it's got an interesting groove to it. Really like the part starting at 1:08 (on the individual track, not the playlist).

The change back to 4/4 (or whatever it is, I interpreted it as 4/4 with a half measure at the end) around 1:50 was really welcome; the change back to a more "normal" feel makes the track pretty chill. Now that I hear the transition back, I'm really impressed by how smoothly you transition between time signatures.

I think if you harmonized a few of the phrases in the solo (mainly the ones at the end of the progression), it could give it a much tripper vibe. That being said, your solo is pretty cool already. I'd maybe have the other instruments build more once the guitar gets to the faster part at the end before the fade-out.

All in all, it was a pretty cool, chill track. =)

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