Thought I'd share on this forum as well Most may not care for the shape, but I've always wanted an X shape guitar. Pics & Clips, plays great ^^ Looks rad! Excuse my sloppy playing and disclaimer: I took no care to pretty up the tone so...


I'm the resident player of pointy guitars on this forum. Give this a thumbs up!


(Have you injured any bassists with it yet?)
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Saw this over on SSO. Not a fan of the pointy usually, but this is a sweet guitar. Looks like it could actually be pretty light.
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Quote by TheStig1214
Looks like it could actually be pretty light.

My strat is near twice its weight for sure. It is surprisingly light X_X Considerable amount of mass on the fins and it's a rather dull thud when ya knock on it. Still I enjoy the sound and feel, it's quite comfortable actually!
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Not my style, but that's a great looking guitar. It really has a high quality appeal.

Congratulations, HNGD!
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hahahahahaha awesome
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