Thread title. I have an electric and a classical. Looking for an acoustic. Im willing to go up to a grand. I know you pay for quality for the most part with guitars. Any suggestions?
There are loads and loads of excellent quality guitars available within your budget. Which type/shape of acoustic you buy is up to you - there are lots to choose from: Dreadnoughts, Grand Auditorium, Jumbo, Orchestra, Parlour (0 - 000), etc. Best thing to do is go to a good music store and try out as many models as you can to determine what type suits you. And the same advice holds for choosing the particular guitar - pick the one that sounds and plays to best to you (and ignore the name on the headstock when doing this).

Personally I would be looking at the following brands: Blueridge, Cort, Crafter, Eastman, LAG, Recording King, Tanglewood, Yamaha - and others. They are all PacRim made but none the worse for it. There are some excellent quality, very reasonably priced instruments to be had from these people.