Basically I've just swapped out the pickups in my Dean Stealth from the old Seymour Duncan Dimebucker + Dimetime setup to a pair of Dimarzio Dominion pickups.

I was fairly confident I'd done the whole thing flawlessly until I realised that there's an awful lot of buzzing coming out of my bridge pickup, not the neck though. Could anyone help me out with this? My best guess is I've messed up somewhere with the earths/groundings or whatever you want to call them.

(Going to take some pictures of the rear cavity and label everything for people to look at in a moment.)
Never mind guys.
Had a rummage around and found that the bridge pickup's North finish-South finish join had a few hairs of wire jutting out of the electrical tape and were brushing against the tone pot. Re-taped and we're good to go.
Also decided it'd be a good idea to tape it against the wall of the cavity, to avoid it getting anywhere near the rest of the internal components.