Hey all,
So in spite of needing some extra cash I am probably going to sell all of my pedals to get just a single effects processor.

I am looking to buy either a boss gt10 or gt100
I am playing through a fender telecaster through a blues jr.

I play ambient/instrumental music to the likes of Hammock, explosions in the sky, this will destroy you, etc.

What do you think?
You can get some great sounds using the list of pedals in your signature. Why the desire to change?
Don't do it! (Jk, do what you want)

About 5 years ago I sold off my pedals and switched to mfx with the thought that I really didn't use fx all that much anyways. After going through a few different mfx, here I am, 5 years later, rebuilding my pedalboard. Turns out not only do I love screwing around with fx, I notice and prefer good fx over tinny halfassed fx on most mfx. I'm a nerd so I like a-b'ing individual pedals with their mfx counterparts and the difference is usually startling even for something like tremolo.
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I'm glad this thread came up.I've been thinking about the ME-80 but i may just add a couple of pedals to my board after reading this.
Another +1 for considering the individual pedal route.

If still looking at multi effects: I prefer the m9/m13 over the boss stuff. TC nova system might also be worth considering.

What effects do you actually want though? Delays and verbs are obviously important for post rock, but what else do you actually want?
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The GT-100 is ridiculously easy to drive with the dual screen and all those knobs.
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I've kept all my pedals for recording but added GT-10 to my live setup which is really easy.
I am running it in 4 cable mode, and not using it for modeling but all the other fx.
GT-10 is awesome for this, all the other effects are great and it can do 2 channel amp switching as well as 2 noise gates + wah. The GT-100 is pretty much the same, I don't think much has changed. If you don't need USB drivers you can do just as well in GT-8.
I just actually returned a GT-100 today, that I bought last week. I'm impressed with the effects on it, and its stupid simple to use (like Cath mentiond); But to me, no matter how much tweaking I did, it just didn't sound completely "natural".

I'm not trying to say that it sounded bad, because it didn't, it just added it's own mild "flavor" to my tone, that I didn't like.

I guess I just learned that I'm a stomp box kind guy Maybe you'll love it. I suggest if at all possible, buy the pedal from somewhere where you can return it if you don't like it, and don't sell all of your pedals until you can at least try it out. Suppose that means having to carry your rig into the store. Like lucky said, you might end up kicking yourself in the ass for selling your collection.

Edit: Just to clarify, I was using the gt-100 in the 4 cable method, and not using the amp sims at all.
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Well there are 2 conversions, actually 4 in the 4 cable method: A/D on input, D/A on fx send, A/D on return, D/A on line out, so it does color a bit but compared to the pedal "sssssssss....whooooosh" coloring and noise gate adjustments I needed to do before it was almost non-existent. It does color, for sure, but nothing that the right amp output type and some adjustments couldn't fix (there are guitar type input selections, etc.). I still found it more transparent than the Line6 and Digitech multifx out there. I am talking GT-10, GT-100 looks identical on these options but I might be wrong.

Either way the coloring difference didn't matter a single bit when playing live, the convenience and failure rate of pedals and all the related cables outweighed it by a mile.
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