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Okay I was wondering if people could suggest some songs that sound good in your headphones like surround sound - I don't mean for a surround sound system like you have with your TV but a song that has different parts panned a lot around the headphones to make the sound very interesting ti listen to. I'm into rock/ metal but I also like a bit of folk and Indie so suggestions from these genres would be good thanks.

thanks if you respond with suggestions
While not "surround" per say, Hendrix's studio recordings have a lot of great panning effects etc. and are generally very great to listen to on headphones. There's a lot going on there in terms of pushing the envelope from an engineering standpoint.
Yeah I'm shamed to say I forgot about Hendrix, and yeah I get what you mean and Il have a listen to those links!
Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult (I think when the pitch changes happen it uses surround sound)

I know that this song does it pretty ****ing damn well at around 6:02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5A03VIgQ74

Also, in some early Arctic Monkeys stuff there is some kickass surround sound.

For example, The View From the Afternoon at 2:16

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