i got a new guitar! one i've been wanting for a long time

it's a Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster! managed to pick it up pre-owned, so i got a couple £££ off the price.

this is the MIM one, which apparently has hotter pick ups and a more reliable bridge, which is ideal for me!

i thought it felt super heavy on my way home with it, but it's actually pretty light.

first thing i noticed when i plugged it in was how bright it was. it's probably the first guitar i've owned where i've been using the middle position over the bridge. that might change when i'm using it in a band and need to cut through more, but for now middle is good.

i'm a big fan of the clean tone on it. responds really nicely to the overedrive pedal i'm using just now too. more so than my tele.

honestly, i'm not totally sold on the lead circuit. currently using it as a kill switch, which is kinda neat. tremelo unit is also neat. using it a bit too much.

overall, i really like it. can't wait to use it for shows/practices.

Nice! HNGD! If those are the same Fender p90s I've used I'd recommend a pupgrade. The Fender p90s seem to have more dull quack then p90 punch imo, if you can understand that. Kickass guitar though, congrats!
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i like them at the moment, but it's still early days. i've read jazzmaster pickups are different to p90s, though

Lookin' good! A classic axe!
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