I am a more clean vocalist but will reach heavier tones once in a while, looking for either a cover and/or original band, I have a list of songs that I would like to perform in the future also I have written my own songs.

Note: I will not sing songs about females sexually, I'm a bit fed up with every relationship song being about a male and a female, I want to take a stand and sing songs about my own sexuality and not be shunned because of it.

Thanks for reading.
hi , i'm from harrogate, moved here in may and i want to start a band. what genres are you willing to play? and do you know any drummers or bass guitarists? i'm a guitarist myself.
I have had practice with drums, I know bassists but none around York.

Reply with your email and I'll give you a list

Two things:

1. You're already in a band, focus on that

2. You're a drinker, I don't wish to work with anyone that drinks, I find it unnecessary.
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