Hi everybody,

I got my brand new Traveler Guitars EG-1 Custom BK today – I am totally in love with it, especially because of the built-in amp. However, when I plug in my headphones, I am experiencing A LOT of hiss (on clean or distorted setting, doesn't matter) which spoils the otherwise great experience. I tried some standard mp3-Player earbuds and my musician custom made in-ears (rhines custom Stage 3) – the hissing is really loud on both of them. When I plug in my 600Ω-Sennheiser headphones however, it's DEAD SILENCE considering the hiss and perfect sound. Is this normal? Do you really need a headphone with such a high impedance to not experience a loud hissing? I would have thought that at least my custom made in-ears would qualify to be used with the guitar without a problem ...

I am worrying that I maybe got a lemon. Is technically everything fine with my EG-1? If somebody here also uses / has used the EG-1 and can shed some light on it, I would be grateful for a short note. Thanks so much in advance!


EDIT: Just put a "damping piece" (?, sorry no native speaker) between headphones and guitar (one of those things you get for example from Ultimate Ears to use your in-Ears on a plane). Using this, also my earbuds and custom in-ears also work (near) free from hissing. This would work for me – however, is it really normal that the EG-1 signal is hissing that much without something like that?
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