Hello all,

My name is Tyler, and I recently took a Music, Sound, and Physics course. During an experiment involving harmonic frequencies on salted Chladni plates, an idea occured to me regarding acoustic guitar construction. Under the guidance of master luthier, Dale Unger of American Archtops, I learned the basics of building high end acoustic instruments. Now I'm attempting to raise funds to combine my knowledge of physics, with my knowledge of luthiery. If the idea sounds interesting to you, more information about the process, and what I need to complete it can be found here http://kck.st/WX7xTv . Let me know what you all think! Any help would be much appreciated!
"harmonic frequencies on salted Chladni plates", huh?

That's a tonewood waiting to happen, I would wager . .. . . .
Good luck. It may well be that artificial materials are the future of acoustic guitars, as increasingly high-quality "tone-woods" are becoming scarce. (no lack of good spruce, fortunately)
There is a very deep level of traditional resistance.... The carbon-fiber guitars are still only a tiny niche in the overall market.