Hey guys,

I need some advise because I'm gonna buy some new picks to play some metal and I'm not sure wich. I currently use Fender 351 classic mediums picks and I've used the heavy ones as well in the past but those are all worn out and now I only use mediums. They sound very good, but I think they are a bit too soft and too thin for metal, the heavier ones were better for that sort of stuff. So do you think classic heavy Fender picks are good for metal and I should buy em again or should I choose for other picks/material/brand?
Jazz 3 max grip. Or something heavier than you are using.

Go buy a mix of different sizes and shapes. Play some metal and see what you like.
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It is completely personal taste. I use Dunlop Tortex .60 for just about everything from acoustic to electric. I use a variety of string gauges also from 9-42 to 12-54. I do use the Tortex "wedge" model more now, because it has a sharper point

But I agree get a few different sizes to try out. Dunlop tortex or ultex are very nice and cheap
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I use Dunlop Jazz III myself, I feel a bit easier to go faster and more precise using those vs. regular Fender style pick.
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For a while I used Dugain picks (made of bone), but I switched to Dunlop Jazz III (the Max Grip variety). I found the Jazz III much nicer for most metal uses, but sometimes returns to the Dugain when playing with a clean sound.
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i use a Red Bear Big Jazzer. by far the best pick I've ever used. they are expensive but you'll have it for years.
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I've been loving my agate and jade guitar picks since I found them a couple years ago. I have a few different kinds: some are made like Stubbies, some are fairly flat with thumb depressions, etc.

They don't flex and barely abrade, so they last a long time. They can be brittle, so don't toss them on concrete. Because of their polish, they can glide over the strings like glass.

Lots of places carry them, like:



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I use a Jazz III, i think its 1mm or 1.2mm thick. But honestly, just buy a bunch of different picks, and see wich one is the most comfortable for you. A lot of people find jazz III's to small.
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Dunlop Tortex .6 to 1.20 are fine, really depends on personal preference. Anything made from Delrin material is good as far as I am concerned. Used the basic Fender picks too (the dark red type) - these have better attack but wear out too fast. The V-Picks are also great but expensive.
I use a Gravity Sunrise at 2-3mm depending on my mood.
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Quote by gorkyporky
I use a Jazz III, i think its 1mm or 1.2mm thick. But honestly, just buy a bunch of different picks, and see wich one is the most comfortable for you. A lot of people find jazz III's to small.

Jazz III John Petrucci's hit it for me.... nicely in between the JIII and the 'standard' size.
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Jazz III John Petrucci's hit it for me.... nicely in between the JIII and the 'standard' size.

I use these as well. Great option if the Jazz III are just too small.
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i recently started using gravity picks, and things like the razer shape are awesome for all sorts. The grip hole really helps as well
Well, at least the bump was only a few months instead of the usual few years.

On topic, I was recently turned on to V-picks. So far, I really like them. the Stiletto has a nice and pointy tip and you're going to loose them before you ever wear one out.

Absolutely no flex so it helps out on your timing and speed, but it does take a little time to get used to since they feel quite different than the Fender mediums that I have been using for a while.
I've been using Jazz III max grip for a while and am very happy with them. I got used to their short tip, but I'm in the process of testing the Petrucci Jazz III, which have a longer tip. In any case, it's Jazz III all the way.
I like the Dunlop Black Fang and the tortexs. Heavier gauges seem to work best for fast riffing and noodling. Personally I like to use mediums and sometimes heavy. I get more feel with the lighter picks, but more control with the heavier ones, so I aim for picks that do both.