I bought this just before Christmas as a treat for myself but I just can't justify keeping it as it gets nowhere near as much attention as it should.
I paid £699 for it and as it's only a few months old I think £600 is a reasonable price to ask for it.
The bass is like new. There are no marks or scratches that I can see on the body. There is a very small mark near the G string on the 12th fret, it's tiny, smaller than the fret marker, I've added a picture.
it's got a nice, thick sound to it, really good for smooth basslines. The pickups are passive EMGs. Not sure about the bridge but it's a solid-looking, hefty piece of metal. There's a fair weight to the body but that's not essentially a bad thing. Neck is smooth. Tuners are solid.
I'm in South Wales, 20 minutes from Cardiff but if somebody's really interested I'm happy to drive and meet them somewhere. I'd prefer to do a cash-in-hand exchange, that way you can check the bass and examine it before you take it away.
I've tried to get as much in the pictures as possible.
Any questions, ask away.