I'm thinking about getting this Squier Cyclone as a cheap back up guitar to my main axe (MIA Fender strat). I play mostly blues/rock/country thru a Fender blues jr. I like the small body and the shorter scale length (24.75"). Has anyone ever played one? They are hard to find in stores and were on back order for the longest time. I would probably have to order it online. Any opinions or comments are appreciated, thanks.

Squier Cyclone
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Why not go for a used mim strat for $50 more instead?

I was thinking about that. However, I want a guitar with a shorter scale length but still has that fender style neck profile.
08' Fender MiA Strat
Fender Blues Junior
I have one, I love it. Solid guitar, satin neck and I appreciate the slightly shorter scale.
Be sure to check the pickup heights, you might have to lower the humbucker to get them to sound even.
And I replaced the saddles on mine because I was breaking a lot of strings, that might be me though because I break a lot of strings on every guitar until I got a Jazzmaster.

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Looks like a cheap Mustang, I'd buy it.
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I remember when these first came out they couldn't keep them in stock they sold so fast. I almost bought one a few times. Most reviews seem to be favorable and I believe they have an alder body? I was gonna buy one and mod it out but never got around to it. I remember they used to have yellow.

Idk where you people get gear so cheap... But around my parts you can't get a 10 year old MIM strat for less then 350-400(and no I'm not in some small backwoods town). You couldn't come close to getting one for 250.