It seems the black metal masters SEWER have returned once more with a despotic new album : Gore****kult

This album is extremely raw black metal and sounds somewhat similar to their debut album Satanic Requiem, and a little less so to their two previous albums (Necropedosadomaso and Reign of the Funeral Pigs)


what do you think of this new album ?

it is well known that SEWER is a controversial band, notably due to their lyrics (http://www.thesatan.com/sewer/necropedosadomaso/necropedosadomaso) but also due to the brutal music they play

so what is your opinion on this controversial band ?
Every single one of your posts has been made in an attempt to bring attention to Sewer. Stop posting this trash in here. Either go to the "promote your band" section, or stop posting entirely. The only controversial thing about your band is whether or not it should be classified as "total crap" or "utter shit".
OP, isn't this the pedo band you were complaining about like a week ago?

Upon further inspection, it is.

Double reported.
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thesatan.com. What...writing really, really shitty Black Metal wasn't enough? You had to be stupid and name your site something like that?