I have always been a fan of Randall solid state amps, I have had 4 and they have all served me well, I just dig the tone. The last one I bought was an RX120, hooked it up to a V30 cab and I really like it. My mesa does sound better but i still like that randall tone.

Anyway I am in Australia and the Randall RG-80 re issue has just come out here, Ive been waiting for it for ages. Costs $500 USD. (I would have just bought it from the US but the damn 110-230v problem)

Anyway I was about to pull the trigger on this bad boy, when I was browsing Randalls site. I thought the RG-80 re-issue was a hotted up, modernized RG 80, and was the only SS amp that would provide this tone. Then I saw the RG1003H head. Whats the deal with this? Is this just an updated typical Randall Head, or is it in the spirit of the RG80?

I dont need the combo, but I was under the impression that the RG80 is the only "all new" SS amp that Randall have released recently.

Cheers for your help
RG's & Mesa's