Hello! I am currently building a strat out of different parts, I have just ordered a hipshot hard tail bridge : http://store.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=328

And I have found a one piece alder strat body, the body has been routed out for a tremolo bridge, will I be fine fitting this fixed bridge to it? The bridge hasn't arrived in the post yet so I am panicking that it won't work haha.


That's going to be a close call, I think. You might be able to to fit the bridge over the hole and put the screws in behind it, but make sure you don't screw them in too close to the hole, or the combined pull of 60kg from all six strings is going to rip the bridge clean off. I have no idea how it will affect your scale, though.
Also, the hole might not be entirely covered below your high e string since normally it would carry the trem bar there.

Pretty sweet though, solid stainless steel.
It looks like those mounting holes might be exactly where the block goes on the tremolo. There won't be anything to mount to. Moving them far enough back will definitely mess up your scale length. It may play ok, but you will never get it intonated properly.
I don't think it will work, but you won't know until both parts get there.
Your other option is to fill the hole. Cut a plug out of a piece of alder to fit the trem hole and glue it in.
Hope it works out. I'm nuts deep into an SG build myself!
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Ok so it seems like the best idea is going to be to fill it? If I screw a piece of alder in and then use filler then fit the bridge after that, do you think this will hold the pull of the strings?
Glue the wood in there then make sure its all solid before you screw the bridge in.
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