hey there! so i have this new jackson kvmg pro king v, it has a floyd rose obviously. now i know that this bridge has to be perfectly levelled with the body of the guitar, but mine slightly leans down towards the neck( about 1 mm lower at the neck side lets say) and also the side of the thickest string sits 1,5-2 mm higher than the other, which is about exactly at the body level. i know this is somewhat bad, but i dont know how bad and why. and if i really need to fix this, how to do it? i tried to play with the springs in the back of the guitar, but they have so much tension that i was afraid to break or do something terribly wrong and irreversible so i stopped.

thanks in advance, cheers!

btw it seemed the right forum for this question, my apologies if otherwise.
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Does it stay in tune after dives and pull-ups? It so its fine. If not you will need to adjust the tension on the springs to rebalance so it goes back to in tune.

If you do need to adjust things it may be a good time to put the strings you want on it as you'll have to rebalance again after changing gauge or brand.

Normally level is a good reference starting point but yours maybe a little off from that. Going back to in tune is really the only thing that matters.
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well i think it stays in tune ok, of course after several hours of play i need to finely retune. i was thinking, as the position of the floyd affects the string hight from the neck, this could mean some problems with the play and feel of the guitar, maybe even sound?(thinking distance from the pups)idk... mainly i feel the worst about my new expensive guitar not being in perfect shape..
If your guitar is new and expensive (as opposed to used and expensive), you may want to find a good tech and talk to him about it. It's not a big deal to get the trem leveled out fore and aft. That's a matter of getting the spring tension and the string tension balanced out. You'll end up screwing the claw (inside the spring cavity) into the body a bit further and then retuning. There's a trick to getting this right on the first go-round (and there's at least one YouTube video that will explain how), and it involves putting a block of wood or other "stop" under the tail of the trem to keep the trem level when you change or loosen the strings.

Side to side is a different story -- you can adjust the two sides independently, and a lot of folks prefer an extra 1/64th" of clearance under the strings on the low E side compared to the high E.

The overall string height ("action") should be a personal preference (mine is quite low), but you may have to deal with "how level are my frets," etc. before you can get it down there.
what about the 2 allen type screws that hold the floyd on both sides on the front of the body, am i to play with them?

im not an advanced player and i would like my guitar to be just as it should be in terms of quality, so i can focus on improving my skills, not worrying about construction issues.
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Quote by dystopian4ever

im not an advanced player and i would like my guitar to be just as it should be in terms of quality, so i can focus on improving my skills, not worrying about construction issues.

Kinda hard to do with FR

Maybe look up some Youtube FR setup videos, I also found a guitar tech book that helped me in that regard. Look up "Guitar Player repair guide". You might also talk a guitar tech into showing you the finer point while you pay for a FR tuneup.
Don't adjust the posts without releasing the strings and springs. The Floyd works on a knife edge and can be blunted by grinding the posts around against the blade which will damage tuning stability. If your trem is higher at the back than at the posts then the springs need to be tightened in a bit to level it out. Do this with the locking nut undone as you will need to retune slightly and redo a couple of times. Make sure the adjustments are done levelly on both sides of the claw.