hey guys i might be in the wrong sub forum here but Ive just finished my first produced beat as a college piece and would love to hear some feedback, i know its not that good but would like to hear some tips/pointers

beat was made on Logic Pro X

you can find it here
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I really like it, very Ratatat/Danger Mouse-ish. They only thing that *seems* to be missing (on my work pc so not the best reference station) is a solid kick drum. There's no kick to the chest, I hear the bass just fine, but you should layer a second kick/snare sample set under what you already have. The kick is weak/not really there, and the snare could use some extra oomph (a little compression could go a long way here too).

You clearly have a great ear for arranging this sort of thing, keep it up!
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Thanks man I appreciate the feedback and can't help but feel a little bit flattered! I'm personally trying to make more Flatbush Zombies style beats but I heard time for great achievements and just couldn't help it! After I finally get my MacBook I'm going to hit the beats hard!
Wow, I really like this. Hoping to hear some lyrics put to it in the near future. This is some A Grade stuff. Liking the Western Vibe.
I'm a white British kid so my vocals aren't too great but if anyone else wanted too id be happy to send them a high quality version, although it can't be used commercially cause of dem uncleared samples. Thanks for the feedback, never thought my first beat would be so well received, I've been getting mixed reviews locally
There is something really not right about the rhythm at a number of parts. The theme is cool, but as it is standalone, I find that melody gets real repetitive, but as a melodic hook, it's cool.

If you wanted to make it a background for vocals, then you would need to tone some of that down in parts.

I also find it's too muddy in your lower mid range. I'm not sure exactly what it is that's doing that. Maybe you could use a low pass on your bass and that would help a lot. Idk, there is something not quite right there. You could also maybe add some sub bass at some parts on the down beat, that might be cool too.

I think there's something odd about your drums. Idk how you built them, maybe some jamstix thing, or the automatic drummer of logic or something, or idk, there is something not right about them the rhythm is wrong at parts. but I think it's not just the drums, the whole of the music is not looped or sectioned correctly. Your break at 1:00 for instance is delayed weirdly.

You must have thought it odd to not have your bars workout correctly. If you stick to snap to grid and count your bars, and make sure that things are split in perfect bars and in even numbers of bars, that should fix problems like these.
I have been for the other few songs in working I was just pretty high when I did this it all kind of clicked in my head, the feedback is appreciated!