Hi ,

I want to buy a Jackson V guitar in price range €600 to €700

Does anyone know which one of the following is the best buy?



the KVXMG has some pretty good reviews and two EMG pickups whereas the Mille Phobia only has one. Hardware wise the KVXMG seems a better option.

Any thoughts on this?
Well they seem to have the same overall specs, like body wood, cheap floyd special, etc. If your set on one of those, only you can decided if you want more versatility than just the single pickup. I personally would much rather have at least an MIJ Jackson for that kind of money not a made in india.
thanks. Well I guess MIJ Jackson's are only available second hand, since the factory closed down in 2012. Is that correct?
^ Yeah I think so. A few shops might still have New Old Stock examples, if you're very lucky. It's pretty much a matter of googling, really.

I haven't tried the newer ones.
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I think the two of those should be fairly similar really.

I don't have any personal experience on the quality of the X-series, but based on general opinion I've picked up from the JCF I think they're considered to be pretty solid for the money. Generally built and finished quite well, though some people consider them in need of a few hardware upgrades.
Heard the new pro series is Indonesian for the V's. Some of them are Mexican though
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Thank you all of you! Now considering a Pro, even though they're not MIJ :-) hardware seems to be a lot better (obviously because pro is a bit more expensive)
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Heard the new pro series is Indonesian for the V's. Some of them are Mexican though

Yeah. General rule as far as I've gathered is -

JS series - Mostly India, but some have been showing up from China.

X series - Originally all from India, but most of the newer models like the SLAT models are from Indonesia. I think I've seen the Kelly with a Made in China sticker.

Pro series - Neck throughs are from Indonesia, bolt-ons are from FMIC's Baja Mexico factory.