I have been learning to play guitar for about a year now. I must say coming from a percussion background the rythm part is okay but watching other guitar play piece together stuff makes you feel like your a million years away from being able to play "good"

I have encountered a problem with my pinky, mainly passed the 12th fret. I have been using the -----1 2 3 4---- excerises to help build my speed and strength of all my fingers
------1 2 3 4----
however when I get passed the 12th fret I find that I must bend the guitar more towards the ceiling to be able to reach with my pinky. I know its noobish question/concern but I really dont know how to fix it unless I just tilt the guitar more upwards.... I dont have the biggest fingers so maybe thats part of my problem??? Please let me know your thoughts.. sorry for sound all noobish...
How about playing the guitar in the classical position?
The guitar tends to be tilted anyway when playing standing up for ?most? players anyway.

But if you want to be able to play with the guitar horizontal, then posting a picture of you holding the neck would help identify the problem.