I would also like to do some creamy leads.

I'm looking for the snappy clean articulate sand Trey anastasio has where the picking comes through.

The amps are:
Blackstar ht40
Ashdown Peacemaker 40
Ashdown Fallen Angel 60
Vibrolux Clone
Fender Red Knob The Twin
Marshall Dsl40c
Carvin x60b
Carvin 3200

I can't try them all out since they are all about an hour away I need help knowing which ones to test.

p.s. reliability is important and if you know any other goof midrange sleepers feel free to input them
You put a vibrolux and a red knob twin in the same list with a DSL and two carvin.
I'm confused.

What sound are you after?
Give us an example, a reference to some other sound.
Also, clean or distorted or modulated or what?

Anyway, not the blackstar nor the ashdowns, whatever you're gonna do with them.
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Out of those you have listed: The Vibrolux clone, no doubt about it.

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They were all the same price point, mostly clean, some lead.

I like the sound of the Marshall class 5's snappy clean. The size of the amp doesn't really matter since my bandmate has a PA and an attenuator.

The clean tone I like is Jazz Pistols- Odd Blues and Phish- Squirming Coil
Lead think Phish- The Landlady

PPS: this is small (5w?) Vibrolux clone (hardwired too)
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I would get the Carvin X60.

I think the 3200s have reliability/quality issues, but not 100% on that.

The Blackstar isn't worth considering.

No idea about Ashdown.
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I got the Carvin x60b, it sounds great! Very tight and snappy cleans, nice lead channel.

Finally able to hear how good my strat sounds! I'm thinking of posting a video demo on youtube since I couldn't find any made with a good mic.