Hello Everyone,
Guitar newbie here from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
I have listened to all kinds of music all my life and particularly enjoy Rock (GNR, Scorpions, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Queen etc.)
I dont know if 36 is too old but i have decided to learn how to play an electric guitar. Have touched guitars but never played one in my life. Going through the wealth of information available on the internet on how to start.
Have decided to get the Epiphone Les Paul standard as my first guitar. I have a question on the right kind of amp and speakers that will work with this guitar.

I have a Crate Spa 1400 Stereo AMP connected to two Mission Argonaut 780 speakers. Can i connect the Guitar to one of the channels on the AMP. Will it damage/break anything?
I am asking as i read advice on the forum not to connect your guitar to the home theather amp. I am using the crate SPA to power two speakers in my home theather setup as the home theather amp i have is not powerful enugh.
This way i will just disconnect one of the inputs from the Home Theather amp and into the the Crate AMP and plug in the guitar to play.

Does this setup work?

The link to the crate AMP can be found here: http://dl.owneriq.net/8/8b29d030-3cf8-496e-8bcf-992dbd2b32b5.pdf

The link to the speakers can be found here: http://www.stereophile.com/content/mission-system-mission-780-argonaut-loudspeaker

Thanks for reading my post.
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