My mate reckons Facebook is the best website ever , has he got a point?

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so me and my mate were talking about good websites in terms of everything and he said Facebook was one of the best website he has ever been on , just wondering would you agree with him and what is the best website you have been on if not?
This is one of the best threads I've ever seen, just wondering would you agree with me and what is the best thread you've seen if not?
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How good Facebook is very much depends on how much you like what your friends post. So no. Your friend doesn't really have a point at all.
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What exactly is "everything"?

Are we talking design, UI/UX, functionality, purpose, uptime, value, what?

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What exactly is "everything"?

Are we talking design, UI/UX, functionality, purpose, uptime, value, what?

jfc let's not do this
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He has an opinion. I don't like saying anything is the best anything cause that's stupid.

But if I had to it would be google. Google is like every website in one.
Google, bitch.

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Yeah facebook is great reading "someone pop up, bored" all the time is amazing
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Actually Facebook can be one of the most useful sites if you use it right, by joining groups, using it for networking, etc. It can help lead you to jobs or to fun events, or get you back in touch with someone you haven't seen in a long time. But most people just get on and read other people's complaints all day or watch stupid videos, etc. Which can be very fun if you're bored but really most people don't use the site to its full capabilities.
how can he consider a website which will never have porn on it "the best ever".

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aww, it doesn't work

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Facebook's usefulness depends entirely on how you use it. Personally I think it's one of the best websites ever, sure. I get news, read interesting articles, organize events, talk to distant friends, etc. If you hate facebook it's probably because you haven't put any effort into "liking" good pages, so all you see is vacuous shit from random acquaintances.
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aww, it doesn't work

lol this site is great
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I think Facebook is a pretty good site depending on what you do. If you have a small business of sorts, or a band, or you are really interested in what your talkative friends are always doing, then yes. It is a great site. If you don't really care about the random people that you added, or added you, as friends and they continuously post and you always scroll past them in their news feed, then no, it's not that great of a site.
I'm not a programmer, and I don't have access to the fabrics of Facebook's inner workings.

Ergo, it's a shit site.
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