Well to be honest I can play with my index but it the sounds it makes is so weird...Because when I use my thumb, middle and ring finger , it sounds better and way clearer especially with the 3 bottom strings.
Well technically i'm beginner (4 months) and I started learning fingerstyle first. And like I said my index makes the note sound a bit "foggy" so I made some research and some people have the same problem (most likely with the ring finger) and they did mention that the sound isn't the same with all the fingers, so that explained it
And the most recommended method is : the first bottom strings with the thumb ..and the 3rd, 2nd and 1st string should be played with ring, middle and index finger respactively but I developped my own method. And another thing I noticed with youtube videos is that we don't fingerstyle the same way! What I mean is that I usually hit the string and my finger rests on the neighbouring string..and that surprised me because this is what my teacher thought me and the sound gets out much much clearer than with the methods i've seen on videos. Anyway, back to the point. Like I said I tried to develop my own method which is :
*for the 6th string: with my thumb
*for the 5th string: thum, middle or ring finger (same thing sot the 4th , 3rd and 2nd stringers)
As for the 1st string : indes, middle or ring finger
And it always depends on the partition and I think this helped me solve my index problem because hitting the 1st string with my index dosen't sound as weird as is i for the other strings. I tried so hard to get my index to get the sound clear but it's not working!
So my questions are: My method suits me just fine so should I keep up with it?
Is there a way to make my index get the sound better?